Studio Etiquette

Please arrive for class on time.  Being on time for class shows that you, your parents and the students understand and respect the teacher’s lesson plan and realize the entire class is valuable to your growth and development as a dancer.  Being on time demonstrates commitment and shows the other students and the teachers that you feel dance is important.  Students who continue to be late for class miss out on valuable information, crucial warm up time and generally do not feel connected to the group; arrive on time and you will have a much more positive experience.
Please arrive to class in proper dress code, shoes and hair requirements.
Please arrive to class prepared and willing to learn.  Dance is a beautiful art that requires discipline that not only challenges your body, but challenges your mind, your way of thinking and your sense of self.  Conducting yourself in a positive manner, respecting your teacher, other dancers and their families will not only help you build confidence, but will gain you the respect and trust of everyone around you.  Set positive and realistic goals, and allow yourself to explore new ideas and movements that will create an energy that is contagious.
A few things to keep in mind…
  1. MNG is a gum free zone!
  2. We are a boomerang studio.  Please take home whatever you may have brought with you.
  3. MNG is a smoke free property!
  4. We have an Anti-Bullying Policy in effect and it is posted at MNG and on the website.
  5. EVERYONE is asked to remove outdoor shoes when entering the studio.
  6. Call, email or text if you are going to be late or absent.
  7. No cell phones in class please.
  8. Dancers may experience gentle hands on adjustments when required.
  9. No food in studio; water only.
  10. The studio reserves the right to change schedules, fees, instructors as deemed necessary.
  11. There are no refunds after December 1/2018 
  12. You are not permitted to switch or add classes in 3rd term.
  13. MNG reserves the right to limit and or increase the number of registrations, refuse registration and release a registered client if necessary.
  14. Unless it is an emergency, we ask that parents  DO NOT enter the “actual” dance studio area.
  15. Please respect the teacher’s decision on what class your dancer has been placed; if a move needs to be made we will inform you.
  16. Please come into the studio to check out the bulletin boards and email subscribe on the website
  17. Follow us on Instagram @ movengrooove
  18. Follow us on Facebook @ Move N’ Grooove
  19. Follow us on Vimeo @ Move N’ Grooove (add MNG to the end of your name for me to accept you)
  20.  Please understand that our instructors may be absent from time to time may not be in class,  but one of our other highly talented guest teachers or assistants will teach the class.
  21. We EXPECT kindness and GOOD VIBES only!  If you can’t be kind, please be quiet!
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