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Choosing a dance studio should be fun and stress free…

Welcome to Move N’ Grooove Dance Studio where we’ve been creating a love of dance for over 22 years.  Hard work, dedication, fun, laughter, friendships and memories are all elements we share at MNG and we look forward to another successful season! We thank all past and present clients for their ongoing support and look forward to sharing many more fantastic dance memories.

Move N’ Grooove is a well established dance studio, opening its doors in 1993 in Peterborough.  We recently moved to our “permanent” location January 2016 in the village of Fraserville; Cavan/Monaghan Township. We offer a variety of dance styles and welcome dancers beginning at the young age of 2 years.

Our instructors are trained and experienced in each style of dance they teach and our warm, friendly, upbeat, yet down to earth approach makes every dancer feel welcome and part of a family.  We take pride in what we teach at MNG.  It’s not always about “the dance.”  It’s about building confidence in these young dancers, guiding them to be kind, courteous, respectful, self disciplined, self motivated and to feel safe and secure in the environment that is created for them.  We hope to provide them with tools to manage any challenge they meet.

Traditional dance training is what we take pride in and we recognize that quality training in a safe, fun, family setting is what has been drawing clients to us for 23 years, and we are proud of the solid reputation we have created. Being a small studio, space and time does not always allow for all of the dance styles/disciplines we would like to offer at Move N’ Grooove, but we are 100% committed to each style/discipline we do offer and recognize that “quality over quantity” is a much better choice for us.

“LIfe is short, live it.  Love is rare, grab it.  Anger is bad, dump it.  Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish them.” – Unknown

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