Class Description


An energetic, fun, upbeat style of dance the consists of leaps, turns, unique moves and fancy footwork.  We focus a lot on technique to ensure movements are executed properly to avoid injury.


Tap dancing is a great way to “make music” with your feet.  There are many variations of rhythm that can be created and we focus on both rhythm and broadway styles of tap.  Clean, crisp technique is what you will take away from this class.


Ballet classes focus on building proper technique in the young dancer before they move onto other styles and forms of dance.  Ballet is the basis of all dance forms and dancers will learn specific technique skills (posture, balance, control, discipline, respect, along with plies, tendus, jumps, turns, footwork, etc. etc.) that will assist them in any style/discipline of dance later on.


Lyrical dance combines both ballet and jazz movements and uses various movements to express strong emotions.  Lyrical is generally executed at a faster pace than ballet but not as fast as jazz.  It’s a good idea to have a foundation in ballet before starting lyrical or at least 3-5 years of strong jazz technique.

Hip Hop

These classes are fun, upbeat and requires a “positive” attitude.  There are so many variations and descriptions for hip hop & street jazz, but traditionally we teach a style you would generally see on music videos or in some of the dance movies like “Honey”, “Step It Up” or “You Got Served”.

Musical Theatre

Love this class!  We combine lip synching, dancing and acting and play out some of the greatest moments in Musical Theatre history.  We have adapted our own version of Favourite Things from Sound of Music, I’ve Got Rhythm from Crazy for You, Step In Time from Mary Poppins , Consider Yourself from Oliver and Take Back Your Mink from Guys and Dolls.  At this point, Musical Theatre is only offered at the Competitive Level. 

Creative Expressions

This class was created for children 2 -4 years of age to start exploring the world of dance much earlier.  This class is designed for the dancers to be creative and have fun, but still being guided to work with others in a controlled environment and start understanding just how our bodies move.

Mom & Tot (or Dad)

This is a fun class for mom (or dad) and dancer 18 months to 2 years old.  Exploring assisted movement, following the leader, musicality and creative play!


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