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Auditions Closed!



Great Cycle Challenge!

Happy Monday

Friday’s (today) Classes

Studio Spirit!!!

Solo/Duet/Trio Auditions

Just To Be Clear…

Good Afternoon!

To clarify, tickets for “Good Vibes Only” presented on Monday, June 5th at Showplace are to be purchased through the Showplace box office!

Tickets for the Solo/Duet/Trio show presented on Sunday, June 4th at Showplace CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED AT THE DOOR AND ARE $10!

Thank you – Miss Jules

Great Cycle Challenge and Team Brave!

Good Morning!

I’m so happy to have been invited to join Team Brave (the Brave Neave herself) for the Great Cycle Challenge! Did you know that if we make our $3000 goal by June 1st I’ll be shaving my head at the end of of our June Performance at Showplace and Neave has agreed to take the first swipe of the clippers…as Neave’s mom Kate Murphy​ says, “the summer heat is going to be so much more bearable with no hair” Check out our page “Team Brave” at Great Cycle Challenge Canada. Thank you and God Bless!

Neave & Miss Jules