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MNG’s Week In Review

Hello MNG’ers

What a fantastic first week of dance! It was great to see so many familiar faces and of course welcome our newest family members to MNG; we hope your term and or season turns out to be AMAZING! We are happy to have you!

Just a few notes/reminders as we move forward into week #2…

1. If you have yet to email subscribe on the website, please do asap. This is our best means of communication with you, our valued client.

2. Parking seemed to work out quite well I am guessing; thank you for not leaving 6 feet between cars and both Kennedy and I appreciate you slowing down when entering and leaving the property.

3. Please follow the dress code for your dance classes that are laid out on the website. Please leave all “bulky” jewelry at home and or take it off and put in your bag until your classes are finished.

4. For those dancers who have been asked to wear their hair in a bun, I am asking that you make sure it is secure with a hair net and proper pins. I did not ask for a “messy bun” and a bun will not stay secure with elastics alone. Please come prepared! For those parents and or dancers that may need help with their bun, I would be more than happy to assist you. Please come prepared with the tools necessary and I will get it done for you and or teach you.

5. MNG has water for sale if you forget to bring water. Cost is $1

6. MNG has started a Social Club. This club is for all MNG’ers and we get together once per month. If you would like further information, please contact me asap.

7. MNG is now a boomerang facility. This means that anything you bring with you must be taken back home with you. Thank you for helping us keep our enviroment clean and clutter free.

8. MNG is now a “Bucket Filling” Dance Studio. Bucket Filling is where we place positive, helpful and encouraging comments in a bucket. Each group has it’s own bucket along the west side of the dance studio. If you would like to “fill someone’s bucket”, please see me for the bucket filling ballot. Let’s create an environment where we all feel welcome, supported and respected.

9. For those dancers in classes that require “clean indoor running shoes”, I ask that they are just that…CLEAN! Please do not wear the same shoes in the dance studio that you wore outdoors.

10. Receipts will be available for pick up this week. Please retrieve your receipt in the lobby on the tall wooden desk in the plastic folder. All receipts are in alphabetical order by dancer’s last name.

11. MNG will open 15 minutes prior to the first class of the day (Monday – Friday @ 3:45 p.m./Saturday & Sunday @ 9:45 a.m.) and will close within 5 minutes of the last class of the day. Therefore, please drop off and pick up your dancer on time.

12. MNG would like to remind EVERYONE to remove their outdoor shoes; this includes parents, siblings, etc. etc.

13. MNG would like to remind EVERYONE that this is a NON-SMOKING property.

14. MNG is a learning environment and although it’s a great place to socialize and catch up with parents and friends in the lobby area, I need to insist that we stay respectful (regarding the level of noise and rambunctious behaviour) to the dancers in the studio.

I think that’s it for now. Sorry for being so long winded, but I feel that if all MNG’ers (dancers, parents, guardians) can help create a clean, warm, friendly, respectful, kind, caring and loving environment, it shows a lot of character!

Thank you for being a part of the MNG Family ~ Miss Jules



All Monday night dancers!
Please remember to enter studio door at south of building but still park at north end of building. Concrete slab is still settling and CANNOT be walked on.

Thank you – Miss Jules

A Simple Smile Will Do!

New Beginnings


Hi again,
Just so there is no confusion…the Hip Hop comp groups will start their Sunday Choreography with Miss Lori next Sunday Sept. 11th.
10-11am  Group 2
11am-12noon   Group 3
12-1pm   Group 4


Good evening,
It’s hard to believe that the summer has come to an end and the kids are back to school tomorrow!
I hope everyone had a great summer and enjoyed this last long sunny weekend.

Just a reminder that dance classes start next week beginning Monday Sept. 12th (not this week:)

Please make sure your dancer is ready to go with proper dance attire, shoes, etc.
It’s going to be a great dance season.
The website has been updated with dates for the upcoming season, with a couple of dates still to be determined.
If there is still paperwork that needs to be completed for your dancer (registration forms, etc), please make sure you bring it completed and signed to the first class.
Thank you and have a great week!

Free Shoes

Size 12 & 13 Converse Shoes for FREE! Please contact me if interested. Thank you for the generous donation Shannon Hamilton!