Monday, March 19/2018

Good Morning!

I am confident this will be the first of many emails/web posts coming your way this week as we head into our Competitive Show Off 2018 this upcoming Sunday, March 25 and Monday, March 26 at Market Hall. Detailed information was emailed PRIOR to March Break surrounding these two days; I do hope you all received it. A few things for today…

1. I am late posting the hair and make up info, but I will get to it before Thursday of this week; I apologize.

2. Any solo/duet/trio groups that have props are responsible to take them to Market Hall for this weekend. If they are at MNG, please pick up this week.

3. Brenda is working very hard with the costumes and we are hoping all will be ready for Show Off. Please stay posted as the week progresses and be ready to wear your “dress code” from class if necessary.

4. Speaking of costumes, I do have some costuming that I was responsible for and I will be handing out this week so please bring a bag, labeled with your name ok?

5. I am looking for a few people to assist with props to and from Market Hall. I will need you to load up Saturday late afternoon and then bring to Market Hall for Sunday at 8 a.m. So, I am suggesting dancers in the solo/duet/trio category to volunteer as you will need to be there close to that time anyway. Thank you in advance for your aasistance.

6. It’s an exciting week and I hope you are all looking forward to working hard and having some fun; I am! Lets do this!!!

That’s it for today. I’m sure you’ll hear from me again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…

Have a good one and we’ll see you this week at the studio!

Miss Jules


Space available…

Competitive Make Up

The competitive make up has arrived and will be at the studio starting Monday for you to pick up.
Cash or cheques only and please make cheques out to Kelly Proulx. If you need to know the amount ahead of time send Kendra a quick email at and she can let you know.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

1 spot available

DDDW $ raised

Things To Know…

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Party Rock Hip Hop

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